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Fine Art & Design Teacher Training

Everyone is a creative. Research shows that creativity can be learned, practiced and applied. We have combined and funneled conclusions from our research into a game to increase creative and visual thinking skills of pupils, students and professionals.

Dwarsverbinden®️ (Cross Connecting) is a lesson module in a board game environment conceived to learn and enhance creative thinking, artistic choice making and research skills for scholars starting from the age of 14/15 yrs. It consists of several game levels derived from the four different stages of the Creative Process. Dwarsverbinden®️ is a game which stimulates creativity and trains it. It trains you to see in different ways and make connections you normally wouldn’t make. You’ll learn to take on a subject you find interesting and look at it from different points of view. Creativity is an important skill nowadays, in all sectors of society. In this quickly changing world it is a tool that comes in handy in all kinds of ways. You’ll be able to get more original ideas and thus will be handed a bigger array of solutions to pick from.  

Dwarsverbinden® The creative game for maker education