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I Am Doing Well / I’ll Make It up to You

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The epilogue of mental health
Ten experiences with mental health problems formed into one story.
The book cover

For seven years there was no mention of the time I was mentally ill in my house. Whenever I started on the topic, it kept silent. This made me feel guilty. I felt responsible for the grief, wanted to make amends, but did not know how.

Am I the only one who struggles with this? Or are there more people who cannot or hardly talk to their loved ones about their mental health?

With this question, I started my search. This was expressed in an exchange of letters with ten women who I’ve never met. In these letters, they wrote about their experiences. Time and again I recognized myself in their words, I saw similarities in the letters I received. Because despite all the different diagnoses, there were mainly similarities. So much so that the sentences from their letters can be told as one story.

This is our story. This is the epilogue of mental health problems.

The beginning of the story

In the story, each woman is represented by a color. I have chosen to omit all diagnoses because I am convinced that experiences can best convey how someone feels or has felt.

You can watch the book trailer here: