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Blind Eye

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Escaping into films and books can bring solace, distraction and inspiration. However, we will never make a full connection with the characters and the story, resulting in feelings of detachment and disillusion. Together with Fabiënne de Ruiter I created the project ‘Blind Eye’, a story about escapism, disillusion and homesickness to other worlds.


When life gets too loud, turn a blind eye.

Due to the circumstances we created a teaser instead of a finished film.

The Story

Within an old caravan Ernest has build his own escapist world. He is a devoted puppet maker and collector and obsessed with the story of Pinocchio (Carlo Collodi, 1883). A rare vintage Pinocchio puppet is the last piece of his collection. Ernest identifies himself with Pinocchio’s father, Geppetto, who is also a craftsman. His obsessions with the story and the need to escape the harsh reality are making Ernest an easy prey for liars.

In the end of the film he finally completes his collection but it does not provide him the satisfaction he expected. He never felt so distanced to his beloved fantasy world, his collection is complete, but they are just puppets.

Moving Storyboard ‘Blind Eye’


Creating the world for ‘Blind Eye’ was great joy. Our main character Gepetto sees the world in his own magical way. I combined the world view of Gepetto with the rough edges of our own reality. Resulting in a real-world fairy tale landscape.