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ReConnect Family

Project details

New Earth

ReConnect Family Smartphones are part of our daily life. We, as adults know how to handle them, but what about a child? Children don’t have experience with phones, and haven’t learnt how to respond to people distracted by their phone.

During dinner is the perfect moment to relax, tell stories and talk about the day. One out of five parents lets this moment be disrupted by their phone. When the interaction between parent and child is regularly disrupted by the phone, it impacts the development of the child. As a result, they may find it more difficult to trust others, enter relationships and regulate their emotions.

Product line ReConnect Family

With these products, interaction between parent and child is created in a playful manner. It creates a stable bond by reacting to each other, verbal and nonverbally. With the Counter couch, Coco, the parent needs to interact with the child to maintain balance. Coon, the Connection spoon, literally brings parent and child closer. By eating from the same spoon, they dependent on each other and learn to work together. Codi, the Collaboration dinner plate, has two handles. This results in the parent and child becoming physically connected to each other and dinner becomes all about teamwork and communication.