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Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design

For my thesis film, I delve into a fictional dream-state in order to have a conversation with my future self.

Nominee Master Research Award

waking within the dream

This future Ceci has traveled from a technologically and spiritually balanced society where work is no longer intrinsic to survival. In this timeline, there has been a shifting of planetary goals to that which prioritizes sustainability with the Earth, as well as with each other. The animated story offers impressions of how this future feels and functions, as well as informing about the larger societal workings.

The current trajectory of simulation technology (virtual reality), alongside transhuman capabilities, will transform the nature of our connections to space, other beings, and to ourselves. In this context, transhumanism refers to technological capacities integrated into the human mind and functioning systems. By establishing an accessible portal to experiences, simulations will cradle future human’s endless desires. At the same time, simulations possess the critical capacity to act as virtual containers; blocking real damages to the planet, and to conscious and unconscious beings alike. I believe more fantastical technological advancements such as these could function alongside practical implementations of full-automation and Artificial Intelligence in order to fulfill global needs. There is a duty to leverage these tools to first address the inequalities suffered on Earth before moving on to fulfill the imaginative needs of a society, but both efforts are intrinsic to holistic well-being.

discussing the dizzying loops we find ourselves in today..

The framework for the “simulation society” aims to provide flexibility and accommodation for many different realities, with the hope that this openness will ripen the opportunity for unknown positive consequences.

In sketching out the tenants, I wondered how certain elements of our current matrix might be hijacked and then reversed for greater good. How could technology be used to protect those that are currently rendered vulnerable in our present systems? Furthermore, how might designers create programs where people ultimately design for themselves? Their own worlds!

Activating the viewer so that they may recognize their power in all of this; in imagining and designing the world that we see around us. It is not static, it’s malleable, and we have a lot more influence than we are perhaps initially conditioned to believe.

learning more about how the future feels and functions

travel to the dream dimension…
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