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Only Bad Guys Drive Mercedes

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Only Bad Guys Drive Mercedes is a collection of artefacts that focusses on the masculine stereotypes around Mercedes cars, that women are confronted with. And is a reveal of the untold relationships with the Mercedes car that fall out of such stereotypes.

With the interviews I had about their love for Mercedes cars, I discovered that women have an emotional relationship with the car, unlike men. But many women, including myself, keep their love for cars, and in my case the Mercedes car, a secret.

Expressing that, would expose one to stereotypes such as being seen as a Nazi sympathiser, egocentric businessman, bicultural drug dealer or one that sees the car as a status symbol to show off.

It brings in and uses personal stories from women perspectives that are not based on materialistic understandings and the stereotypical perspectives, with the aim to create a confrontation with their stereotypical perspectives and to invite them to challenge those.

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