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To WdKA graduates platform
van Engelen


In The Netherlands we have a well-known sea climate, this is a climate which we have learned to live with. Because of this climate, we deal with weather conditions like no other country. Because we have a flat living surface, we have to control the wind more, and we had to build dikes to keep control of the water level. These conditions are caused by a natural rhythm that arises from the movements in the Universe. With what artistic method can I express the dynamic weather data into a visual image? During my research, I looked at ‘the weather’ from different perspectives. We, as humans, are socially and mentally affected by the weather. It determines our activity, influences our behavior, and through the weather forecast, we decide what clothes to wear. Through my research, I learned that it can even influence our mental health. With a high temperature we tent to be more aggressive and winters can even lead to heart attacks. Aside from the human perspective, I find it interesting that we have to accept the weather as it is. We say a lot about the weather, but we can’t change it. That also includes that our economy and society has to build around these conditions. Even though it can be hard to work with the different weather conditions it is what makes our country, our country. In my project ‘Weergegeven’ I embrace the beauty of Dutch weather and visualize this through an all-time changing pattern. I designed a method where I use natural rhythm as a source to create.