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van Kuler

Het eenzame bericht (A Lonesome Message)

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The primary purpose of this project is to design a reminder of the taboo around loneliness for the young adult age group (18-25 year old). In 2016 38% (CBS, 2016) of the young adults has experienced loneliness, this percentage is predicted to grow even more over time. Loneliness is an emotion that has the potential to develop into other mental health diseases, such as depression. The taboo around the emotion, prevents any open conversation about loneliness. This project is focused on the overall emotion within; self-perspective, social media and today’s civilization. Because of the many distractions people face in their surroundings, the taboo around loneliness tends to fall into the background. For this reason the taboo around loneliness has to be broken! A conversation about the subject has to be started and this can be brought about the learning to share, listen and respect each others stories. Reflecting on the experience of loneliness, will help them to recognize the emotion. A small intervention (‘Het eenzame bericht’) will be helpful in decreasing the taboo about loneliness. Sharing the discomfort of loneliness, can create recognition, that will transform into a conversation. There has to be someone that hears your call for help.

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The project is positioned in the dutch society, therefore, is the video and the webpage in Dutch.