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Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design

Phosphor is an ongoing investigation by Ingmar König that proposes the use of code as a camera.

Code as Camera

Phosphor is an ongoing investigation by Ingmar König that proposes the use of code as a camera. During the current pandemic, physical traffic decreased while data traffic increased. By using only HTML and CSS this project weighs less than 1 Megabyte. However, this tiny body makes your device sweat, relieving The Clouds for a second of their duty.

Phosphor is summoning photons instead of capturing them

To engage with this graduation work:
1) visit + click on ‘.’ after ‘camera’ (see below).
2) use non-mobile chromium-browser and toggle fullscreen


• The weight of my graduation project is 918kB. It is written in 10.595 lines of code consisting out of 907.521 characters. The duration will not be spoiled..

• It forms interiors by merging languages; a narrative (english) in space (html) with velocity (css).

• As writing develops via the process of interpolation, so did this project, it created and edited both narrative and animation through the process of writing. Allowing a reassessment of the timeline, our two-dimensional visual representation of progress, present in both editing and screening moving imagery.

• Clarity ≠ sharpness. Fog was being used as a coverup for live rendering, but enhanced atmospheric qualities. 4K television sets mess with enhancing sharpness and saturation settings alongside noise reduction and artefact filters, but their settings degrade the image into an almost overly crisp outlined illustration.

• Experiencing ‘Phosphor’ happens immediate and without overview. This makes it impossible to locate oneself inside it. So the question inside reoccurs: Where are you?

• As a viewer you become a bystander, when the script hijacks first your cursor and then your machine’s processing power. It is like a tiny foreign body that upsets a bigger volume it infiltrates. Your browser only needs to download less than a megabyte from my server, but your processor needs to work harder than on most to calculate all animations.

• ‘Phosphor’ is written code. It is static until summoned by a browser. The perfect form of the work is de code itself. The version we perceive is the imperfect one. Differentiating per bystander we are per definition lost in its visual translation.

• Embedded in the source code of every chapter there is some more background information to be found. Hidden from the viewer of the project but accessible through CMD+OPT+U (mac) or CTRL+U (win).

• Alternatively the notes can be accessed here for the time being.


Searching for more information or do you want to collaborate?
Please do contact me via email or visit my Instagram and LinkedIn profiles (see links under on this page).