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New Frontiers

An interactive film about saying goodbye to a family profession.

It seems obvious to most people to start working in the direction you studied for after you graduate. This decision isn’t as easy for everyone. There are plenty of graduating students with a nice part-time job, a well-running company or a valuable family profession. The latter was also the case with me.

I repair bikes, just like the rest of my family. I come from a bike mechanic family. Small local bike mechanics, active in village life. Where brand awareness arises through word of mouth, rather than through large, costly advertising campaigns. But I’m a creative. A creative who is ready for the advertising world. Ready to start a career. In my graduation process, I was haunted by my guilt. Should my family profession make way for the big world of advertising? Do I make the right choice?

With my work I want to inspire people that there are no wrong choices after your studies. Whether you choose the subject for which you have studied, a family profession or another attractive job, you can always choose to take a different path. The important thing is that you grow in any direction.

Wherever you go, keep pedalling.

The installation and how to operate it.

The Installation

The power and craftsmanship of the small local bike mechanic is difficult for many to understand. After all, there are few people who are close to this subject.

To make this strength and craft tangible, the bike from the video has an important extra function: the video can be operated interactively when you get on the bike.

• Start pedaling to play the video.

• Turn the gear to choose a story.

• Squeeze the handbrake to rewind.