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van de Beek

Anti-Squat Rights

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I believe it is insane that anti-squat still exists in the way it is today. Anti-squat was initially created by anti-squat companies to protect vacant property from squatters and give a home to people in need of housing. But currently, anti-squat tenants are at the mercy of the arbitrariness and whims of their anti-squat agency. Especially with the current housing shortage in the Netherlands, the power relations between the offices and the residents are seriously at the expense of the tenants.

I created my own statement based on personal experiences, and the experiences I have gathered from several anti-squat residents

I have provided the political party SP with tenants’ stories and concrete facts from my research. Together with my personal statement, this research will become a basis for parliamentary questions being asked to the municipality of Rotterdam. My goal personal is to force change regarding anti-squat in the municipality of Rotterdam. By the means of several conversations and debates, I believe it is a realistic goal for a policy rule to be set up in the municipality of Rotterdam, finally regulating the practices of anti-squat companies.

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