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Transforming the Flesh

“ By customizing our physical appearance,
we are creating our own fashion.”

Project details

Cultural Diversity

The main topic of my project is unconventional body modifications. Inspired by special make-up effects in films, I experimented with materials such as latex and silicone rubber to create fleshy textures resulting in a collection that blurs the line between clothes and body.

Line up

My interest in researching body modifications comes from the idea of crossing the boundaries of the human body. The term body modification refers to a long list of practices that include piercing, tattooing, branding, cutting, binding, and inserting implants to alter the appearance and form of the body. The list of these practices could be extended to include gymnastics, bodybuilding, and also prostheses.

To go beyond the socially accepted body image requires courage in a world that judges physical appearance. ‘Bod mods’ are a growing site of resistance to body norms. Bod mods can break down stereotypes, beauty, and body standards.

Check out this link for more info about the project.

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