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Wait – Where Am I Today

Project details

Spatial Design
New Earth

Society and everyday life are undergoing change. This is the result of the digital era and the smart cities in which we are living now. By increasing screen time, we are less concerned with the here-and-now, there is less focus on the environment, which ultimately results in health problems. Through research, I found out that there should be more moments of rest in the city, where the city dwellers have a moment of perception and experience, without the noise of every day. I create these moments of rest by means of three separate spatial objects that together form one route. With which I take the visitors away from the noise of everyday life. Visitors are guided through the objects through the language of form, which allows them to concentrate more on being here and now. In addition, the objects consist of a route and a residence – in which an experience of physical experience, in which perception, time, and the here and now are -will be central.