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Plezier in frustratie: onhandig tekenen voor kinderen (Finding Joy in Frustration)

Project details

Digital Craft

A workshop for children where they learn to draw in unusual ways in order to teach them that heavy restrictions can lead to big opportunities.


It is very important for children to broaden their horizons as much as possible at school. Children have to learn a lot about each subject so that they know which path to take later in life. That includes the subject of art. My goal with this workshop is to teach kids that even with physical limitations these techniques can lead to big opportunities. They will make a nice picture that they didn’t know they could make, which will raise their interest in art. In this workshop they drew with all kinds of things, from their mouths and feet to lengthening their pen with sticks and strings and drawing with that. They even made some animations with my help.

Lesson 1: Drawing with Mouths and Hands

Pick a partner and draw their face with your wrong hand/mouth!

Lesson 2: Drawing with Feet and Sticks

Pick someone and draw them with your feet! After that, lengthen your drawing tool by attaching it to a stick and draw someone with it.

Lesson 3: Drawing with Blindfolds

Put a blindfold on and draw your favorite animal from memory!

Once the blindfold lesson was over the kids made an animation with their wrong hand. I collected all the animations into a video.

Click here to watch!

Lesson 4: Drawing with Strings

First draw your house. Then attach a long string to your marker and draw your house again with that!

I made the two versions of their houses transition into eachother by making extra drawings between the two made by the children.

Click here to watch!


Inspired by the drawings of the children I came up with a story and made a strange short film!

Click here to watch!