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van Rijn

Building Walls

Project details

Public & Private

The Building Walls project is an art installation in public space.

The Building Walls project is an art installation in public space. By copying / re-contextualising materials and objects from the municipality, it is possible to place something in public space. I, therefore, posed as a project leader to place a “wall” in public space, because the first method of gentrification in the Rotterdam Act is demolition, renovation or new construction. If something is newly built or renovated in the city, it will be closed off with a wooden wall.

It is ‘allowed’ to graffiti on the wooden plates surrounding the construction site, often done immediately after placement. After construction, everything will get removed, including the graffiti which is autonomously applied by the artist.

By defining an area, as construction does, will this art installation influence public space without realising that it has any influence. In this way, the municipality thinks it “belongs” and I provide a wall where autonomous street art can be applied without the artist knowing that it is an art installation I created. This makes the art installation an interactive, inconspicuous remarkable work.

Wall 1 is placed on 24 April 2020, Coolhavenstraat, Rotterdam.
Interaction on day 8 (1 May 2020), piece by ‘Rotterdang’.

Wall 2 is placed on 16 May 2020. Bergselaan, Rotterdam.
Interaction on day 10 (26 May 2020), piece by ’Naamlooozz’

Duration: still