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“m-powerment” is a project to empower female DJ’s using the menstrual cycle and its inherent powers. It aims to visualise the menstrual cycle’s powers to female DJ’s of the electronic music scene by creating four party drinks. This enables them to use their cycles in a positive, creative and productive way so as to empower them and position themselves better in this male-dominated industry.

Can the menstrual cycle help female DJ’s position themselves better within the structural sexism that prevails in the electronic music scene of The Netherlands?

The four drinks: “the intuitive infusion”, “the curious mix”, “the communicative drink”, and “the reflective potion”.

The electronic music scene in The Netherlands has been undergoing some changes in the past few years, with increasingly more women on party and festival line-ups. Event organizations are more than ever thinking of ways to include women more, to make this a more gender equal and inclusive scene. However, men continue to dominate this industry, where women undergo sexist remarks and are exposed to sexist beliefs, like the fact that women can’t mix or that they shouldn’t get paid as much as their male colleagues. 

The menstrual cycle can be an eye-opener in this context, showing women what their cycles can do for them by getting to know their bodies more. This leads to an increased trust in oneself, which can push them to show themselves and trust in their competences.

The menstrual cycle is composed of four phases and each bring a different set of qualities out in women; menstruation (1) bring high intuition, pre-ovulation (2) brings productivity and originality, ovulation (3) brings sociability and high energy, and pre-menstruation (4) brings reflectiveness and honesty.

Phase 1, menstruation: “blood oranginger – the intuitive infusion”
Phase 2, pre-ovulation: “rhubarose – the curious mix”
Phase 3, ovulation: “cucumberry – the communicative drink”
Phase 4, pre-menstruation: “fighoney – the reflective potion”

Menstruation can be seen as the winter of the menstrual cycle, pre-ovulation as the spring, ovulation as the summer, and pre-menstruation as the autumn. This is because women’s needs and behavior resemble that of nature’s four seasons.

These four phases/seasons inspired these four drinks, where a duo of fruits and vegetables symbolize each season they are found in. This way, each menstrual cycle phase is explained through its corresponding drink. These drinks are to be consumed by female DJ’s when they are at work in the context of a party or festival.

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