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van de Beek

Madelief van de Beek

My art practice revolves around storytelling. Culture, the media, and how we over the years have decided to record and tell our stories; what is worth to be remembered and what remains hidden for those who are willing to try and find out about the other side. This makes my work layered, and often research-based. I have a soft spot for the underdog, criticism of the protagonist and often an obsession with establishing the gray area.

I am a self-proclaimed intersectional feminist and like to experiment with various materials, and forms of performative art. Often starting from myself but going over into the depths of other women around me

Madelief van de Beek is known for both her visual work and her music. She has a background in theatre and writing, which in return makes her work an inter- and multidisciplinary matter. She graduated from Fine Art: The Willem de Kooning Academy, with a minor in Critical Studies in July 2020. In 2019 she did an exchange with Central Saint Martins, London (UK).