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On the Other Side / Maar aan de andere kant

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Maar aan de andere kant  // On the other the side // is a documentary about a neighborhood called De Tweebosbuurt in Rotterdam South. Marlou got fascinated by the phenomenon of feeling home. When do you really feel at home and what does it mean in a time where cities are becoming more and more unaffordable to live in?

Housing is a pressing world issue.

Housing is a pressing world issue. The residents of the Tweebosbuurt have to leave their homes because their houses need to be replaced by new ones. They really want to stay in their neighborhood but unfortunately, the new housing estate is not meant for them. 

As an advertising student, Marlou was fascinated by the way real estate agencies advertise their new building projects. In the south of Rotterdam, you see a lot of billboards announcing new housing projects. But all those billboards are facing the north side of the city. The people from Rotterdam South are facing the empty backside of the billboards.  

The other side of the story

In ‘ Maar aan de andere kant’  Marlou tells the story behind the new building projects. What is the price that the old residents of Rotterdam have to pay for the increasing popularity of the city? And how are these residents facing the problem? 

The documentary premiered in the Tweebosbuurt in januari 2020. The documentary is currently showing in different places. It is also used at municipalities, political parties, and in neighborhoods facing the same problem as a conversation piece.

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