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Lifestyle Transformation Design
New Frontiers

Harvest and archive your DNA to preserve it in a world where DNA modification is no longer inconceivable. Blauwdruk is a speculative heirloom that stores and archives unmodified DNA. It paints a picture of a possible future and invites you to ask questions instead of expecting answers from them. Is it necessary to archive our DNA because otherwise authenticity of being no longer exists? Blauwdruk helps to gain an understanding of the applications and implications of genetic modification.

I started my graduation project with researching genetic modification of embryos and concluded that if this will take place on commercial level in the future, it will have major consequences for future generations, their identity, health, dignity and their role in society. It is the first time in history of human kind that a species is able to modify its own DNA. This results in a world where artificial evolution is becoming normal and natural evolution will no longer be there.

Is it necessary to archive our DNA because otherwise authenticity of being no longer exists?

For this new era I created a sign of times, a way to archive our un-modified DNA: Blauwdruk; a speculative heirloom. The strength of this speculative heirloom is its communicative role and the impetus for reflection on future developments regarding genetic modification. In this way we can reflect on the social, cultural and ethical implications of these developments. Blauwdruk is a reflection of something we possibly need in the future and makes the viewer think: is this future desirable?

Blauwdruk is based on the traditional color and shape of the heraldry. In the Middle Ages, these weapons were a sign of recognition, something that may become relevant again in the future if we live in a time where genetic modification is normal.

This project is still in progress. In the final designs, different colors and shapes become available based on this heraldry in combination with the uniqueness of the DNA.