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To WdKA graduates platform
Dahlström Persson

Among other things, a stolen ship and keys on the loose.

Project details

Master Fine Art

Difficult is it to
imagine the votive
ship that in 2009 was
stolen from the armoury
room in St:Petri ́s church
in Klippan, Sweden.

A building designed by the very
determined swedish architect
Sigurd Lewerentz who everyday
until the day the church was
completed in the year of 1966
travelled from Skanör 2,5 hours

one way in a taxi and never let
a single brick be cut or cleaved.
Bricks that came from the surrounding
area from well known brick makers
where the ground is full of clay and
coals was infusible and for the humidity

impossible to get through and I
find myself admiring a green by trees
lush hill just to find out moments
later that it is only an old slag heap.