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Fear & Everything in between

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The installation ‘Fear & Everything in between’ examines fears on a personal level and searches for a tension between horror and humor. The installation consists of 3 paintings, 6 ceramic works and a wooden light-box.


The choice of my subject is a result of previous projects. This stems from a longer ongoing study on nightmares. Because of this previous research I have made the choice to focus on the attraction of fear. Personal fears in particular were the guiding principle of my research.


In addition to the main question of my research, I have studied whether horror and humor can go together and how this is expressed in reality. What also plays a role in the realization of my work is the abject, that is to say: my work displays characteristic properties of humans and animals, the fusion of these two means that we label this as impure and therefore experience it as an abject. aversion arises against perception.

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