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Ricardo Nemeye
van Wijk

Stuck in Realness

Project details

Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design

Project Stuck in Realness, delineates the gravity of the visual representation of glorified commerce architecture. This research consociates the relationship between symbolic meaning, visual space and sound within the constructs of brand architecture. The design amplifies the strong connection between the constructed reality of architecture and the desired symbolic manner that these systems bring forward.

The design work is a trailer towards an interactive game, exploring the glorification of architecture through emphasising the four phases of Simulacra; a simulative reality that is alienated from its original existence. Studio Nemeye exaggerates the boundaries of reality through four game scenes called “Apparitions” amplifying the Simulacra order. 

The game titled “Stuck in Realness” forms a critique upon the current collective perception of reality. It alters the physical state of the visual and audio environment which enhances a more desired and imaginary affirmation.

Official Trailer