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Salvatore Angelo Sergio

Soms Spreek Ik Zonder Te Praten (The Dawn of a Movement Designer)

Project details


Salvatore Angelo Sergio Akrum is a hybrid between an illustrator and a dancer who started the art movement named Movement Design. With this movement, he sets the goal towards making our society more conscious about our emotions and feelings which we can always find back in our body language.

With his poetry bundle “Soms spreek ik zonder te praten”, Salvatore takes you on a journey about our negative feelings which we don’t like to share that often.

With his poems, he talks about emotional feelings such as anger, sorrow, insecurity, loneliness, anxiety and panic. Besides this, he also created illustrations which were made from body movement.
With this bundle Salvatore wants us to look further than the context of the poems and look at the deeper meaning which is always to be found in an emotional layer which is also to be found in our body language.

“To move, is to feel.
Through feeling,
We can express.
Therefore we design”