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Product Design
New Frontiers

Plants contribute to a nutritional diet and a healthy ecosystem. They contain various beneficial properties, such as anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties which can support our immune system.

The flower industry shows the enormous

contradiction between what nature is and how

the industry thinks nature should be.

With this project, I question the conventional flower industry by researching alternative ways to produce flowers, and by analyzing the use of flowers in ancient times. My aim is to transform our current perspective on consuming flowers by implementing flowers into our kitchen, cosmetics, and medicine cabinet.

FLORAL LAB. is a modular vase consisting of four elements made of ceramics and glass. Each element individually is multifunctional and inspired by kitchen tools, such as a sieve and mortar. The vase not only makes arranging flowers more easily, but it also simplifies preparing flowers for consumption when in full bloom. This way, flowers can be valued for more than solely decoration.

FLORAL LAB. will be launched as a kickstart project at the Dutch Design Week, location Design Perron in Eindhoven from 17-25 October. Let’s meet there!