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The Unswept Table

Project details

Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design

The Unswept Table a picture containing window, sitting, air defines the importance of visual representation of various environmental hazard.

The research concerns the modification of the surface of a familiar object for the acknowledgement of far environmental actions.


Seeing is the primary act for establishing knowledge and making sense of the environment in which we are living: what happens when human-driven environmental threats have potential catastrophic effects that are far from us in time and space and are hardly possible to represent? Where representation misses out, humans become blind, ignoring and neglecting potential violence on distant environmental bodies.​

In Myopia, the text, I analyze how the change in the surface of a body is responsible for a reaction and a realization of the body’s existance, of the environmental forces acting on it and its consequent modifications.

In my design project, I identify the kitchen table as the archetype for the incorporation of distant biological and ecological hazards and actions into the domestic realm. Through the introduction of food, nourishments and matter inside our homes and bodies, the kitchen table becomes the hinge between body and the environment, geography and architecture.

I worked on the surface of the kitchen table to render it an active physiological element, able to modify its appereance reacting to the environment around it.

The surface of the table is treated with two mediums that are able to activate an interaction with weight, touch and light. In this video it is possible to observe the reaction of the object.

The table becomes a new space of investigation for the understanding and acknowledgement of the wider environment. The domestic and the global, universal scale are merged on a surface that brings together the people that are sitting at the table and the matter placed on it, as they perform together a choreography.

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