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Shuffle to Discover

Project details


The idea for this concept started when I thought about where my fascination for colour and illustration started.

Dear visitor!

I want to welcome you all to the first exhibition
of ‘Shuffle to Discover’. In this exhibition ‘faces’ is the main theme.
Due to the Coronavirus, a real exhibition is not possible.
With this visual tour, I simulate an exhibition of how I want it to be.

The idea for this concept started when I thought about where my fascination for colour and illustration started. It was definitely not the primary school where I went to. I went to a special school because I was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, a form of autism. In this school, the structure was the key element. There was no room for creative classes or artistic environments because it could be experienced as disturbing. As a young kid, I had the need for a creative colorful environment because I was drawing all the time. 

For the younger me I developed this concept. I want to show that creativity has no boundaries and that information, like a face, in this case, can be visualized in multiple ways. People with autism have their own difficulties where they struggle with. Some of these people don’t like to work with many colours at the same time or they want to do everything on their own. With this concept, I offer a possibility to stimulate creativity which can lead to spatial awareness and collaborations with other kids for example. 

With Shuffle to Discover I hope that it can contribute o overcome some of these problems. I created multiple noses, mouths and eyes. With the pieces, I offer a game where it is possible to create multiple outcomes. In this exhibition, I will show examples that I’ve created to visualize the concept.

Visit virtual exhibition Shuffle to Discover

With the pieces that I’ve created I want to challenge children to come up with new compositions and let them create a art piece. With little assignments like; ‘give someone a gift’ the goal is to visualise information in a original way.

An assignment like: ‘visualise a face’ seems to be simple. For autistic children it could be a hard assignment due to different reasons. Some of them don’t want to play with elements that don’t look like an eye, mouth or nose while others have difficulties to work with multiple colors at the same time. With Shuffle to Discover, illustration and color are ingredients to help these children to overcome their fears. Important note is that everything is possible and nothing is wrong! Creativity has no boundaries and that is the most important lesson of this project. While practicing I hope to reveal that using imagination can help them in many other moments in life.