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Making a Place

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Fine Art
Public & Private

This is an imagining of ambient forces, creatures and sensory experience of places beloved.

I imagine ambient forces and energies which scour, throw, tap and sink. They flow between places experienced by the body and places conjured by the imagination, and this relationship is the current focus of my practice. Across processes such as drawing, ceramics, kinetic sculpture and performance I consider how our imaginary engagement with place exists simultaneously with a sensory experience of place; how this dialogue can be found in acts of making and materialized in an object, installation or performative action. Working a texture into clay or drawing portals of organic form recollects what I have sensed in a beloved place, yet also imagines unseen energies which vibrate through the materials. As ceramic sculptures threaten the violent force of a metallic impact, or electric current animates the wings of buzzing insects, the work is an invitation into a realm of imaginary action. As a whole my practice searches for enchanted and mysterious experience, which in our current understanding of place is perhaps in decline. I hope my work resonates with those who recognize an enchantment in places and materials and shows the imagination and creative process as vital for experiencing it.

You can find the whole final work here:
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