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Island Discovery

Project details


During my time in Bristol, I made a project about the discovery of an island which evolved in my head. This way I was able to discover an undiscovered place in the world.

It is becoming harder and harder to find a place in the world that isn’t already discovered by humans. It became impossible to find a piece of land without obvious traces of human kind. This leaves me with an empty feeling, it makes things more boring in a way and flat. I believe that it is important not to understand everything in the world and leave some mystery, it gives dept.

Growing up in The Netherlands meant that I grew up in a country where every piece of land is designed by mankind and big parts of land are even drilled up from the sea.

In this project I went out and took photos of untouched fragments of landscapes. Hereby I claimed these places to be part of my imaginary island. There are also parts where I made temporary land art in order to really make the land my own.

Now I have a constantly growing and developing island that only I can discover further and only I can show. Everyone with imagination can visit but not one can leave a trace.

More of my work can be found in the links below:
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