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van Hooft

(The) Art (of changing) Direction

Timaeus is a cross-disciplinary creative and Artist based in Rotterdam. With a believe in the art of changing Direction, he works in a conceptual, forward-thinking approach in a collaborative manner with designers, artists, programmers, curators and thinkers on the implementation of change and new narratives. He specialises in digital media and works across a variety of outputs within the human computer interaction field. Within his artistic practice and research he focuses on speculative visual narratives and imagery that derive from future-oriented thinking and altered realities. He draws connections with perspectives of myth and folkore and bridges history, fantasy and futurism throughout his visual language. Timaeus researches how speculative art can critique contemporary society and offer a refreshing exit within an established rational environment. Next to his exhibitions and performances, he often collaborates with DJs, labels and artists and aims to establish a meaningful connection through visual narrative and experimental musical explorations.
Hic Sunt Dracones