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Portal to Nature

Project details

Product Design
New Frontiers

For my graduation, I researched our relation to nature through neurological, psychological and intuitive design research. According to Witte Hoogendijk it takes 10.000 years for our brains to change quality. So we are actually still living in the time before urbanization and mass production. The absence of natural environments can result in attention fatigue and stress.

Portal to Nature offers an alternative nature experience for the moments that the positive effects of nature can’t be experienced. By placing the products in the interior the user can interact with the objects. This interaction creates a movement that is inspired by the movements of water, plants and animals.

Those movements creates a ‘soft fascination’ (an activity that holds the attention whiteout blocking the thoughts). This soft fascination creates room for for self reflection and can help by the recovery of attention fatigue and stress.

This project is based on the theory of Kaplan and Kaplan.

Illustration of how the project could be realised into a hospital environment.

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