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Reflection of Feelings

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Product Design
New Frontiers

The serie of three products provide the possibility to maintain the mental health in the daily routine. It helps to reflect on what you are feeling and experiencing. By creating pointing out what mostly go by unnoticed or undefined.

Mental wellbeing is mostly practiced within the own mind, by creating a physical product it makes the feelings tangible end easier to process.

Labeling feelings

This product will help you to label what you are experiencing. The sensations that you feel will be defined into one word.


By doing this you create awareness for that what is going on inside your head and gives you the opportunity to see it from a distance. You can decide what to do with this experience and how to participate on it.

Visualizing your day

This balancing tool can help you to create a profile of what you are feeling. There are twenty different words that describe a feeling, you can fill in to what degree you are experiencing those feelings. This goes from none to a lot. By creating this profile it will give you the opportunity to see which feelings are mostly present and which feelings and if you are in control of those feelings or not.

Visualizing your week

This shelf is an always changing view of how you experienced the week. The user can give points to how positive and negative their daily experience was.

By doing so you create an overview of your week. It gives you the opportunity to reflect and discover what kind of activities and conversations make you feel good about your day and yourself.

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