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Sound as a trace of culture, as a crossover to the other

I’m an educator and artist who tries to explore new territory regarding different art disciplines and education. My recent work is based on sound art, in which I’m trying to connect the aspects of the creative process I’ve mastered within the fine art sequence, into the sonic experience as well. My graduation work is experimental, and focussed on connecting with the other, aiming to share and expand the individual creative process to a group of people.

My graduation research focussed on introducing sound art in the context of high school Olympia in Rotterdam with immigrant students (12-18) from different parts of the world, who only recently came here in The Netherlands (ISK classes). We did collective soundwalks together for instance, in which I gave them small exercises to explore on sound further.

In the final stage of the project, we created a soundtrack called ‘Voices of Olympia’. This track gives a sonic portrayal of the school, as well as a collection of sounds and messages from students. All the sounds are self-composed and self-recorded. I created the beats and music; the students created their rap and vlog texts.

This track aims to give an example on how a creative process and outcome can become enriched when it is expanded to the other, how it can function as a platform for the less represented in our society to speak up, and how working with students in this way can expand and further integrate interdisciplinary art processes within school curriculums.

The track can be accessed here: Stream Voices of Olympia van A. D. | Luister gratis online op SoundCloud

My graduation project can be found here:

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