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Monitoring Climate Change

Project details

Transformation Design
New Earth

A large part of society is concerned about the consequences that climate change will bring about, but despite this concern, and given the takes of the issues at hand, we do not talk about it as much as expected. When the subject of climate change comes up, it is often about the consequences and our behavior. Little is said about our feelings. Through this installation you can pour your heart out and share your feelings about climate change. The shared feelings are brought together in a visualization that displays the data on our feelings. In this way you can discover the feelings of others.

When we share our feelings with each other, together we can paint a correct picture of the sentiment in society towards climate change.


In collaboration with Vincent Boon, performer of the interactive data visualization.


Nominated Threshold Award 

Summary literature review



The three visualizations show the feelings within our society regarding Climate Change. The more a color is present in the visualizationthe more this feeling is prevalent in society.

Each color in the visual represents a different feeling




People are given the opportunity to take a moment to pour their heart out. By sharing their feelings they contribute to the visualization.

In this way we can see the sentiment of the society towards Climate Change.

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