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Science Around Us

What does it mean to be a family when we are thousands Kilometers away from home?

Why at times, does love feels like expectations and demands?

“Science Around Us” is a fiction short film following the story of Budi, an Indonesian, in-the-closet, prodigal son, living in the Netherlands whose relationship with his family is far from ideal.

In The Netherlands by himself, he managed to own an AirBnB Apartment to rent.

One day, after he had a wild party in his AirBnB, his AirBnB guests tell him that they are about to arrive in 20 minutes while his AirBnB is still a big mess.

Additionally, one of the guests (Henk) is still in Budi’s apartment, high as a kite. The plot thickens when at the same time, Budi receives a call from his brother in Indonesia and tells him that his father is in a hospital and refuses medical treatment in Indonesia.


We follow how Budi attempts to handle everything in 20 minutes impression of one take film,



After working as a junior associate lawyer for two years, being part of defendant team in four death penalty cases in Indonesia and finished his Master in Human Rights and Public International Law, I boxed my thick law books, donated my suits and decided to tell story instead.