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Dianne van der


Project details

Graphic Design
Digital Craft

‘This is a visualization of an ongoing online conversation, one which is usually too non-linear to be perceived as a whole.’


Thesis:Antithesis is an audiovisual installation accompanied by a research poster, which aims to challenge the normative ways of sharing, reproducing and consuming narratives on psychedelic microdosing and broader implications of the so-called ‘cozy web’. By offering an intervention by way of reconstructing and putting in perspective the reasoning users apply to planning microdosing, the installation highlights how our natural online mirror-palaces can cause both positive as well as negative external effects.

Second of the five theses that is speculated on by internet users

By exhibiting the three most recognizable pillars and goals for exploring microdosing (spirituality, creativity and productivity), Thesis:Antithesis aims to uncover an interzone. The installation’s main purpose is to show how people’s expectations within these paradigms are influenced by experiences and reports that are shared online. The effects of our cozy online palaces are not necessarily a binary opposition of bad and good, but rather a fruitful source for discussion and growth.