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Office Canary

This project is about the indoor environment. How often people printing, the more the ultra-fine dust accumulates in the indoor space. This project makes people aware of the toxic emissions when they decide to press the print button.

We cannot see the emission and the ultra-fine dust of laserprinters with our eyes. Therefore is the office canary.

An old method used by the miners in the coal mine. They used the canaries to warn themselves of the poisonous gases.

The thought behind this project is that every office worker is entitled to a healthy and safe indoor environment. The more often people print, the more the ultra-fine dust accumulates in the indoor space. The office canary instantly creates a safer work environment. Because every office worker in the workplace is immediately aware of his or her printing behavior.

The light strip at the bottom of the cage under the birdcage is programmed with Arduino and it sending out a warning. The Arduino will detect the level of fine dust and the light-alarm will react more intensively if the fine dust level is increasing. Now it is immediately visible how much fine dust is released due to the amount of prints. This light-alarm is an extra element that should bring a change in behavior.

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