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Covid Star

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When I heard that we would get some sort of passport which will be handed out to people why are vaccinated, my initial response was fuuuuuuuck! That is terrible! Not because I think that there is anything wrong with the Corona vaccine. But because there will be a government database which allows for people being tracked without a warrant. Every time your (personal) passport is being scanned, a record will be added to a database with a given time and location. That this data is extremely valuable, can already be seen in the successes of Facebook & Google. To these companies the majority of people tends to say “I’m not doing anything wrong, so why should I be worried”? The problem with this, is that the definition of “wrongness” is not static. During the 2nd world war it was not wrong to snitch your neighbors for hiding jews, it was wrong to protect the people who where being hunted down by invasive Germans.

The Covid star refers to the David star of those days. But instead of using it as a symbol of suppression – by forcing people to wear it – I want to offer it to people to wear it as a symbol against the suppression in free thinking, and against (self-)censorship. Something I have experienced a lot during the last year at the academy. More info about this can be found via the “Div3rs1ty” project.

If you want read more about the Covid star, you can visit the website. On this website you can also generate (and download) your own personal Covid star.

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