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Kirsten van
van Werven

Dream Away

Project details

Cultural Diversity

Dream away is a reactive, magical realism visual novel inspired by contemporary coming of age narratives in young adult fiction.



The game puts the player in the shoes of Eleanor, an introverted girl who processes her own existence and the world through  a lens of fantasy and dreams.


“Dream away” is the story of a fantasy prone, teenage girl named Eleanor, who’s forced to become more down to earth, and to “grow up”. She’s locked outside  the world of her own daydreams by the Sandman and stumbles trying to navigate the ‘real world’, which is completely foreign to her.

By putting focus on the spaces she comes to occupy at the fringes of what is considered “normal”, and the people she meets there I’m reflecting on nurturing a sense of belonging at an age where no one feels like they belong.

This game tells a hopeful story of queer growing up experiences, and aims to explore what it means to collaboratively narrate and create a new place to exist as you are.

Do you want to play my game? It’ll be available soon on
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Additional Character Art:
Alina Najum
Manouk Wester
Tamara Starken
Victoria Ganshin

Additional Background Art:
Alina Najum
Valentijn Vonk


Mitchell Brown

Sparring Partners:
Famke van Zwol
Manouk Wester
Mitchell Brown