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To WdKA graduates platform

Hi! I'm Maja *~.~* I studied fashion design. Usually people think that I make clothes, though I do not really. During my 4 years at the Willem de Kooning Academy I found out that I hate the fashion system, although I love fashion. Fashion can be anything and I give it my own meaning with my work. I explore society, cultural phenomena especially from the Balkan region as I am sentimentally drawn to the land my grandmothers come from. I destroy realities and reconstruct them into something new, something mine. I call that process “restroy”. As a non-eu citizen I engage and make my work rather political and criticize systems, make a statement, but still in a kind of funny and strong way. That is also something I will include more and more into my future work, as it is dear to my heart and soul. It is something that fills my thoughts and does not let me sleep. And if there is a topic like that in my head, the only way to let it out and be at least a tiny bit at peace is through art. And so, if I really would have to label myself, I would describe myself as a multi-disciplinary artist. Therefore, I want to be an independent artist in the future, work on self-directed projects, collaborate, learn, explore, exhibit in museums and galleries around the world, attend residencies and grow academically through further education in different fields.

For any further inquiries contact me on ... let's be friendz
Re-imagining a happy place