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(create ur) ParadiZ

Project details

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Honours /Visual Culture

‘Create ur ParadiZ’ is a research project about virtual worlds designed as a workshop in collaboration with MAMA Rotterdam. During this workshop, Digital Natives between the ages of 12 and 23, had the opportunity to create their ‘perfect world’ in VR platform Mozilla Hubs. While making a collaborative digital artwork the goal was to use Virtual Worlds as a tool to stimulate self-expression.




“In ten years, in addition to our normal social media profiles, we will all have an avatar with which we live a life in a virtual world. All communication will mainly take place online and the real world will only be used for the most necessary.”

This was predicted by Philip Rosedale, the creator of the well-known virtual world Second Life. An image that now, in 2021, is very similar to our current society. Due to the corona crisis, a large part of our lives takes place online and social activities are severely curtailed. While a fully digital life is a huge burden, the internet also offers new perspectives: You can be who you want to be, easily meet new people and escape reality.

Following various short assignments, participants could place and collect content in a pre-programmed virtual space. As anonymous avatars, following an accompanying story, they were encouraged to use the virtual space as an extension of themselves. During the workshop a “collage” was created consisting of 3D models, GIFS, images and music fragments, in which anonymity and self-expression played a major role. Participants were challenged to express their fascinations and inspiration in a 3D world and as they built their own “home”.