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Spruce timber is the cheapest and least durable type of wood. In Roy’s view, spruce is undervalued. By researching and experimenting with material properties, he has developed a technique that allows him to shape the wood without removing material.

CO2 depot

Roy sees wood as a CO2 depot. A tree stores CO2 in its trunk during its lifetime, when it is burned the stored CO2 is released again. This almost always happens with waste incineration. Roy wants to avoid this, which is why he believes that we should cherish wood and use it in a way that it will last as long as possible.

Spruce timber

Spruce timber is the cheapest and least durable type of wood you can buy in the hardware store. This is because the wood lasts for a maximum of 10 years when exposed to humid conditions. Compared to other types of wood, this lifespan is short. In Roy’s opinion, spruce is not valued enough in society. He offers a solution to give the wood a nicer and longer life so that the wood serves as a CO2 depot.


Roy researched the properties of spruce timber to discover what qualities the material has to offer. The properties tell us that the density of the material is low. This makes the material easy to compress. Compressing the wood not only makes the wood more durable, but it also allows the wood to be shaped. This is possible with homemade molds that can press the material in a controlled way. With these molds he can not only shape wood, but also create new types of wood joints. Here he uses the properties of the material. Other attaching devices, such as screws and nails, are not necessary. By using this developed technique, Roy gives more value to the spruce wood.