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Rotterdamse Duif

Project details

Graphic Design
Public & Private

The city pigeon needs my help. The urban pigeon, my greatest fascination on my daily trips through the city, has a problem. This bird is seen as a flying rat, a dirty animal, and most of the time perhaps not even seen at all. Yes, he can be annoying, but the hatred is too much for the animal. I want to make it clear that all animals are equal, why is a dog better than a pigeon? In addition, my research showed that we are responsible for our gray neighbor and his fate. I want to point this out. The image of the pigeon must be changed, and we must not see animals as more or less than ourselves, from small to large, from pigeon to elephant. Reflecting on the relationship between man and pigeon will give us more insight about the ecosystem we live in and our influence on this.

To create empathy for the pigeon and change it’s reputation, I needed to put the pigeon on a pedestal. That’s why the pigeon needs a place on the most popular social media platform of today’s generation. The pigeon needed to function as an influencer and spokesperson on instagram , to create awareness of the discrimination agains pigeons and the suffering the pigeon has indured at our hands. This all being displayed in a playful and lighthearted manner to increase the chances of the urban pigeon becoming an internet sensation.

A look through the instagram of Rotterdamse Duif

Choosing to combine the iconic image of the pigeon with food and other fantasy objects to create a meme-like image, this creates a visual language suited to the internet. This provides a more positive connotation for the pigeon as we know it.

Also exploring the darker side of the pigeon and it’s struggle and making it known to the audience.

Playing with a platform on social media, like instagram provides many possibilities for promoting the Rotterdamse Duif account, like Whatsapp, and Instagram stickers. Exploring exiciting new ways of spreading images throughout the internet.

Adding content like moving animation to continue to tell the story of the pigeon on behalf of them, the good, the bad and the fantasy.

The project is still ongoing, because developing a pigeon into a love-able internet mascotte is a long process that takes time. Providing it as an great experimental project to continue after graduation. Make sure to check out for the full extent of Rotterdamse Duif and it’s elements.

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