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DIY Clothing Kit

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When I sell my own designed and made clothing, I found myself run into a problem. You see, when I make something, I create a special bond for it. A special connection which results in me never throwing away those items. When I sell something, I want the customer to treat the garment with as much care as I would. But this is often not the case. Every day billions of garments get thrown away and end up in landfill. I want to ‘hack’ the current fast fashion system and the ‘disposable clothing’ trend. I want people to care for their clothing again.

That’s how I came up with the DIY Clothing Kit. By making the customer engaged in the making and designing of a garment, they will create a special bond with it. This results in the customer treating it with more care and not throw it away as fast.

I made a capsule collection of 6 staple garments. All pieces are customizable and can be interchanged for the different seasons. For this collection I was inspired by rock ‘n roll, biker culture, 70’s punk and free spirits. The fabrics I used to create this collection are all reused or recycled, fabrics that would otherwise be thrown away. No new fabrics were produced for this collection. This reduces the carbon footprint of each garment and is to me the future of designing.



This design is a skirt and a dress in one. It can be worn in over 20 different styles, and you can customize the band. This is what you receive in the box. This is the step-by-step guide. This garment is rated easy, and is assembled very quickly. You can choose a different fabric or band here.

With this collection my goal is to Hack the way we see, handle and take care of our clothes.

For more information about the rest of the garments in the collection and the project as a whole, visit the project’s website, or contact me through my email address.

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