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Kirsten van
van Werven

About Me

I’m Kirsten van Werven, I design stories, characters and games, though not necessarily in that order. My artistic practice is a very collaborative and social one, as through my work, I am exploring the narratives of my own existence.

Education & qualifications

  • Animation WdkA
    2017 – 2021

Find me here

This shows itself in my work through my obsession with liminal spaces and experiences. I deeply feel that the benchmark moments for life that earlier generations have led us to believe are a part of growing up do not apply to me in regards to my career, sexuality and life expectations.
This leaves a feeling of discomfort, of not belonging and being invalidated in one’s experiences. Through my work I’m aiming to show these spaces and stories in an attempt to make myself known, and for others to recognize themselves in. I create these spaces through mindful character design, personal intimate stories, and games that open up conversations about the times we live in and the experiences we share or might not share.

Dream Away

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